Custom publications

Nowadays, modern companies face a challenging market, in which competition is fierce and the clients are ever more demanding. At the same time, conventional advertising is having a hard time to reach consumers.

Custom publications come to fulfill this need. With an editorial content that meets the consumers’ desires, they fulfill its obligations to inform, entertain and stimulate consumption and, at the same time, are excellent tools for the brand to achieve the goals of loyalty, strength and relationship with the consumers.

Several researches have confirmed the efficiency of these publications. One of them, done by the British institute Millward Brown, shows that these publications:

increase the loyalty to the brand in 32%;
improve corporate image in, approximately, 9%;
Consumers spend, on average, 25 minutes reading these publications (way more exposition time compared to conventional advertising);
21% of the people surveyed recommended the brand to their friends;
51% of the people surveyed bought other product or service.

Just Editora has an in-depth expertise in custom publications, from the conception of the pilot project to the delivery of the end product.

Latest publications

Anuário 2013 dos Advogados Trabalhistas
Anuário de Advogados Trabalhistas
The first yearbook of the category brings articles submitted by the most renowned attorneys of the field and interviews with authorities about the outlook of the profession. It is essential reading for attorneys, magistrates, students and those interested in knowing more about the fastest-growing law segment in Brazil.

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Esportes Olímpicos Lesões mais Comuns no Atletismo
Support material produced for physicians, with information about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the most common injuries in track and field.

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