Pink October

Celebrated internationally, the month brings social actions that promote the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer

Breast cancer claims thousands of victims every year. According to data from the Instituto Nacional do Câncer – INCA (National Cancer Institute), this is the most frequent type of the disease throughout the world and the most common one among women, responsible for 22% of new cases every year.

In October is when we celebrate the biggest movement to raise awareness for the importance of early diagnosis, self-exam, preventive mammography and annual medical follow-ups. Created in the United States in the 1990's, the movement called Pink October reached the world and is the host of several actions, like walks, fashion shows and lectures, among others, for the awareness of the population.

In the book Força na Peruca, Mirella Janoti talks about her path in the fight against breast cancer. The author adopted an extremely positive attitude and demonstrated how important it is to face the disease with tranquility and sense of humor. "When facing the problem with serenity, everything became lighter. Not easier, but lighter. Living with cancer is a lot different than living the cancer", she explains.

The reading is, above all, a great lesson in overcoming, and it brings information about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis. It also talks about the rights of the patients during the treatment, which a lot of them are not aware. "I thought it was a punishment, but breast cancer turned into my mission", concludes the author.